Stuttgarter Hofbraeu. Glad to be a Stuttgarter for life.

Stuttgarter Hofbraeu is the brand with a huge range in Wuerttemberg, which offers high quality beer for everyone. Like its hometown of Stuttgart, this beer is modern and conservative, rooted in the region and yet cosmopolitan. This Wuerttemberg umbrella brand offers a top-quality beer to suit every palate.


The company

The Stuttgarter Hofbraeu today presents itself very close to its consumers and as an inherent part of the Wuerttemberg way of life. This approach has made the former royal supplier one of the biggest breweries in Baden-Wuerttemberg today.


The brands

Established under the strong umbrella of the Stuttgarter Hofbraeu brand are the popular Pilsner, the bitter-fresh Herren Pils, the full-bodied and fresh Export, the original Buegel Premium, Alkoholfrei [alcohol-free beer] as well as a Radler [shandy], in addition to the seasonal Fruehlingsfest-, Volksfest- und Weihnachtsbier. The Malteser Weissbier brand elates with the sorts Hefe Hell, Hefe Dunkel, Kristall and Alkoholfrei, which are brewed according to a traditional recipe of the monastery brewery Amberg.



Baden-Wuerttemberg without the Stuttgarter Hofbraeu brand would be quite unthinkable. Stuttgarter Hofbraeu is universally present, involved and active. Highlights in Stuttgart such as the Jazz Open are held in the presence of Stuttgarter Hofbraeu and an enthralled crowd. Circled in red in the Hofbraeu calendar is the annual Cannstatter Folk and Spring Festival on the Wasen, where the legendary Grandls Hofbraeu tent is always one of the highlights.


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