A glance at "our" map of Germany clearly illustrates the Radeberger Gruppe's commitment to the regional nature of the German beer market. The Radeberger Gruppe is represented in (almost) every region in Germany by brewery and beverage sites and a mineral water site. As well as some of Germany's biggest national beer brands, we also brew many deeply-rooted traditional and regional premium brands, plus national and regional specialities.

"North, south, east or west - beer tastes everywhere the best" - this traditional beer market saying perfectly encapsulates the Radeberger Gruppe´s regional approach.

We would like to invite you to take a closer look at the Radeberger Gruppe's currently 14 brewing locations (click on the crown cap "Bier-Sortiment"), as well as our soft drink production sites (click on the crown cap "AfG").

Standort Rostock
Standort Jever
Standort Berlin
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Standort Allgäu
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