Tucher. Welcome to Franconia...

There is much more to discover in this, one of Germany's most beautiful landscapes, than baroque, bratwurst and bull's eye glass. Northern Bavaria and its metropolis Nuremberg have been the home of Tucher Braeu for over 333 years.


The company

This fascinating, lively, cosmopolitan and yet tradition-steeped city is evident in each mouthful of Tucher. Then, as now, the Tucher Braeu name guarantees a refined beer-drinking experience and the highest quality. After all, the traditional brewery has represented Nuremberg brewing since 1672.


The brands

Beer connoisseurs throughout Germany enjoy the varieties produced by Tucher Braeu. Whether Hell [pale], Dunkel [dark], Kristall [filtered] or Leicht [light], Radler [shandy], Alkoholfrei [alcohol-free] or Christkindlesmarkt [Christmas market] beer - all Tucher beers are brewed according to old recipes from the "frueheres koeniglich Bayerisches Weizenbrauhaus zu Nuernberg" [formerly royal Bavarian Wheat Brewery at Nuremberg] and, naturally, strictly in accordance with the German Purity Law.



Tucher is represented at all the top events in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg/Fürth. As sponsor of the SpVgg Greuther Fürth, the Nuremberg Ice Tigers, Erlangen Handball Club and Nuremberg Basketball Club, this traditional brand also likes to show its sporty side. Spring and fall folk festivals in Nuremberg, the Nuremberg Opera Ball, the Erlangen Bergkirchweih, Fürth’s Michaelis-Kirchweih and other cultural highlights fairs simply wouldn’t be complete without Tucher. As a traditional Frankish brand is Tucher committed to its homeland. Attractive retail and catering initiatives round off the brand image.


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