Ur-Krostitzer - it's a truly royal pleasure…

The brewery in the heart of Central Germany represents 470 years of brewing history. This long brewing tradition attests to consummate expertise and represents a promise of quality to the beer connoisseur. Ur-Krostitzer is one of Germany's most traditional Premium Pils brands.


The company

The German Purity Law was just 18 years old when the Crostewitz feudal estate was granted brewing rights in 1534. Since 1631, however, the trademark of Krostitz beers has been the image of the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus).The brewery's motto is "There's no future without tradition" [Zukunft braucht Herkunft] and it is set to continue its history of success into the future while preserving traditional values.


The brands

High-quality raw materials and superior brewing water from the brewery's own springs lend the three varieties (Pilsner, Schwarzbier and Schwedenquell) their unmistakable delicately bitter flavour, which strikes a chord with Central Germany's beer connoisseurs.



One of Ur-Krostitzer's branding messages is its strong identification with the Central German region and the city of Leipzig. "A beer needs a homeland" [Bier braucht Heimat] reflects consumer behaviour, making it a credo to be taken seriously. Regionality represents authenticity and emotional bonding. People experience the brand not only in catering and retail, but also at festivals and events. The success of occasions such as the Leipziger Stadtfest or the Classic Open is, in part, due to the initiative of the brewery. Customers sense that the brewery's commitment enriches their cultural life or supports sporting and leisure-time activities. The Ur-Krostitzer brand is a trusted element of the life of their society. It is, therefore, logical that the brand is able to demonstrate a consumer awareness level of over 90 percent in Saxony and almost 100 percent in Leipzig.


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