Jever - a taste of Frisia

Jever Pilsener comes from the city of Jever, which is located in Frisia, a part of Germany with very particular regional characteristics. The water, the air, the light and, not least, the raw climate, have shaped both the Frisian landscape and Jever Pilsener.


The company

Established as a small private brewery in Jever in 1848, the Friesische Brauhaus zu Jever today represents tradition-steeped brewing methods, state of the art technology and top quality. Consistent brand cultivation and clear positioning have made Jever one of the most important - and one of a very few - premium national German brands.


The brands

The umbrella brand Jever embraces the regular brands – Jever Pilsener, Jever Lime, alcohol-free Jever Fun and reduced-calorie Jever Light.



The brand is supported by targeted, well-designed marketing measures, and Jever is making its presence felt through classic TV and radio advertising during peak viewing times. In its home region, Jever is involved with the natural environment and is a founding member of the Naturschutzstiftung Region Friesland - Wittmund -Wilhelmshaven [Nature Conservation Trust for the Frisia/Wittmund/Wilhelmshaven region]. The Frisian bitter is a highlight at the Hafengeburtstag Hamburg, Kieler Woche, the SurfWorld Cup Sylt and the Kitesurfing World Cup in St. Peter-Ording. As a sponsor of the Jever Fun Lauf, the Borussia Moenchengladbach soccer club and the Jever Skihalle in Neuss, Jever is wowing active participants and spectators alike. Direct communication with the end consumer is fostered through attractive promotions. In the catering sector, Jever sets great store by selecting professional partners and focuses on sustainable catering concepts with good prospects. And Jever's diary would, naturally, not be complete without the brewery festival.


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