A delicious Saxon taste: Freiberger Premium Pils.

A refreshingly bitter treat at the gateway to the beautiful Erz Mountains.


The company

The roots of the Saxon art of brewing lie in Freiberg, where beer has been brewed for over 800 years. The Freiberger Brauhaus was founded in 1850: prior to that Freiberg had a centuries-long history of development as a Saxon beer town and the origin of many a tasty brew. In 1863, people in the city of Freiberg brewed using the Pilsener style for the first time. They have remained loyal to this type of beer production to this day.


The brands

The company's leading brand is the refreshingly bitter Freiberger Premium-Pils, a top-class Saxon pilsener beer. Other specialities are Freibergisch Bockbier, Freibergisch Radler, Freibergisch Schwarzbier, Freibergisch Export Spezial, Freibergisch Festbier and Freibergisch Diaet-Pils.



What does Freiberger focus on beyond its beer? - It is the close connection to its origin Saxony. For many years the company is involved in various sponsoring activities. Without Freiberger Premium Pils cultural events, sports and sociability are unimaginable. Besides the main sponsoring for the ice hockey clubs "Dresdner Eislöwen", "Lausitzer Füchse" and "Eispiraten Crimmitschau", the brewery gave its name to the "Freiberger Arena" in Dresden. In addition they are present at the rock stage Rathen in the Saxon Switzerland and at the lake stage at the Kriebstein reservoir. Furthermore, the Karl-May-Festival in Radebeul, the SARRASANI-Trocadero theatre in Dresden and the "Bergstadtfest" in Freiberg are supported. Every year's absolute highlight is the brewery festival on the second weekend in August, where thousands of people celebrate their beer for three days.


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