Frankfurt - best brewing traditions in "Maintropolis"

Some of Germany's best and most popular beers come from Frankfurt, one of the Germany's most exciting and multifaceted cities, and one where the traditional and the modern merge.


The company

The elevated Sachsenhaeuser Berg area of Frankfurt is home to a traditional brewery which has been brewing the best of beer for generations of Frankfurters: the Binding-Brauerei / Henninger Braeu. As well as producing the Binding and Henninger regional brands, the brewery also makes the national premium beers Schoefferhofer Weizen and Clausthaler Alkoholfrei. While these Sachsenhaeuser Berg beers are regional favourites, their popularity extends far beyond the borders of the Rhine-Main region. Schoefferhofer Weizen has long been Hesse's top wheat beer brand and Clausthaler is synonymous with alcohol-free beer for many Germans.


The brands

The four-brand umbrella includes some types and flavour varieties which the brewers of Sachsenhaeuser Berg produce with a great deal of passion. The refreshingly bitter Binding Roemer Pils, the delicately bitter Henninger Kaiser Pils and the subtly hopped Binding Export to the refreshing Henninger-Radler, the invigorating Binding Guarana Verde, the effervescent Schoefferhofer Hefeweizen, the spicy Clausthaler Classic, the strongly malty Bockbier Carolus der Starke (for fortification in the colder months) and the new Schoefferhofer Weizen Sprizz, are just a few of the Frankfurt site's delicious offerings.



While the Binding, Henninger, Schoefferhofer and Clausthaler brands are backed by a wide range of media marketing measures in television, radio, poster and print campaigns, sponsorship activities enable the Frankfurt beer brands to be experienced in a variety of different ways. To this end, Henninger has been supporting the Kickers Offenbach, a regional soccer team, for many years, while Binding sponsors the 50,000 Euro Binding Kulturpreis and presents the "Hessen rockt" cover band competition. Clausthaler is a partner of Ironman Germany. The Frankfurt beer brands are also, naturally, present at numerous folk, street and city festivals in the greater Frankfurt area, such as the Museumsuferfest [Museum Embankment Festival], for example.