Schlösser Alt. The taste of Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf shows itself to be modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan. Even far beyond its city boundaries, the city has made a name for itself as a major city for fashion, advertising and art. Tradition and the future go hand in hand here. Traditional customs are preserved and mix with new trends.


The company

In its home, the dark beer capital of Düsseldorf, the Schlösser Brewery has solid roots and presents itself as a committed ambassador for Düsseldorf's zest for life. The Schlösser Quartier Bohème in the heart of the Old Town is the home and flagship venue of Schlösser Alt.


The brands

Schlösser Alt is the national top-fermented dark beer speciality of the Radeberger Group. The fresh and full-flavoured original beer can always be found wherever people congregate and do something together. Schlösser Alt unites the people who enjoy life in the metropolis on the Rhine and beyond with a certain ease.



The Schlösser Brewery is a strong partner to the catering trade. Schlösser Alt is served in around 3,000 establishments in and around Düsseldorf. As one of the oldest businesses in the region, the Schlösser Brewery maintains social ties with prestigious institutions such as Destination Düsseldorf. As a partner to the Düsseldorf Carnival Committee as well as numerous carnival associations and rifle clubs, the traditional brewery has evolved to become the biggest supporter of traditional customs in Düsseldorf. Cosmopolitan and vibrant, the Schlösser Brewery also demonstrates its deep affinity with the city and region as a long-standing partner to the DEG ice-hockey team and the Jazz Rally, at the Long Night of the Museums, the Art Academy and the Japan Festival.  


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