Koelsch culture - vibrantly en vogue

"Mir drinke Koelsch und schwaade Koelsch" ["We drink Koelsch and we speak Koelsch"] is the Cologne population's friendly philosophy [note: "Koelsch" is also the Cologne dialect]. True to this maxim, the Haus Koelscher Brautradition offers a wide variety of the Koelsch "elixir of life" to suit every palate.



The company

The histories of some of the six tradition-steeped Koelsch brands date back to the Middle Ages. As one of the original of today's Haus Koelscher Brautradition for example, Sion Koelsch boasts a 650 year-old brewing tradition in Cologne's old town. Gilden Koelsch, too, can proudly refer back to its roots from the year 1296 as the Gilde [guild] members companionably imbibed their beer in the Gildenhaus. Today, the Haus Koelscher Brautradition is among the biggest and most high-performance breweries in Cologne.




The brands

With brands like the fresh and smooth Sion Koelsch; Gilden Koelsch - the Koelsch of the 86 "Veedel" [city quarters]; and Peters Koelsch, the small, high-quality brewery brand; plus Küppers Koelsch; Sester Koelsch and Kurfuersten Koelsch, the Haus Koelscher Brautradition has a real variety of Koelsch to suit every segment and every cask.





Those who set trends also do so outside their own stamping ground. Sion Koelsch bridges the area from the Rhine to the Spree, where it has found a home in selected catering establishments in the capital. In addition, Sion Koelsch is served fresh on draught in the political pubs "Ständige Vertretung" [constant representation] in Bremen, Hanover and Leipzig. Further afield, Sion Koelsch can also be found in places such as the "Brauereiausschaenken Eigelstein" in Muenster, Essen and eight further locations throughout Germany in the near future. As a synonym for the Koelsch [Cologne native] lifestyle, Gilden Koelsch is the Koelsch of the Veedel [the brand of the city quarters] and the Koelsch people. The current "86 Veedel. Ein Koelsch" campaign emphasises that Gilden Koelsch originates from the very heart and soul of Cologne. The brand's sponsoring activities also underline this point. Since 2009, Gilden Koelsch has been the official session partner of the Cologne Carnival Committee. With the Gilden Koelsch Carnival Gala, the Koelsch of the Koelsch people brings the stars of carnival to the stage - 2011 will mark the third time. Furthermore, Gilden Koelsch is a loyal fan of sport in Cologne. As a committed partner, the brand has been supporting the legendary "Kölner Haie" [Cologne Sharks] ice hockey club for more than ten years (!). With the Gilden Koelsch Running Cup, Koelsch is a significant supporter of running in the cathedral city.



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