German beer culture

Germany has a lot to offer: rugged coastlines in the north; deep valleys and high mountains in the south; vibrant cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt; picturesque small towns with romantic half-timbered houses; nearly endless woodlands; stately palaces and defiant castles; a diversified art, music, and cultural scene; hospitable people; and traditional restaurants serving delicious regional dishes. But Germany is also and especially known for its good beer and its lively, diverse beer culture.

German beer culture is pure emotion. Hardly any other product evokes as much passion as German beer, the country's national drink. With approximately 5,000 beer brands and more than 40 different types of beer, it's no surprise that Germany is regarded as one of the world's beer nations. This diversity of beer brands and types in the German beer culture, which emerged from regional taste preferences, can hardly be matched by any other country. A regional beer also "tastes like home". It gives a sense of rootedness and exudes a certain attitude towards life.

German beer brings people together. It represents tradition, conviviality, and, above all, the German Purity Law of 1516 - the world's oldest food regulation still in force today. Even now, the Purity Law still ensures that German beer is made exclusively from malt, hops, yeast, and water. It laid the foundation for the excellent quality of German beers and the country's leading role when it comes to beer culture.

German beer culture is to be fostered, appreciated, celebrated, and preserved. The Radeberger Gruppe is committed to this task and sees it as its mission to maintain the diversity and regional uniqueness of its brands - and to further develop these beers carefully while staying true to their roots and tradition. The Radeberger Gruppe represents a business model that is unique in Germany.

The German beer culture is an important part of our mission statement - because at the Radeberger Gruppe, we live German beer culture!