Brand Story



BraufactuM - Brilliant Masterpieces of German brewing

BraufactuM comprises a range of individual craft beers – each one unique in terms of taste, aroma and recipe, with carefully selected natural ingredients and a special brewing process.


BraufactuM is an absolute masterpiece of German brewing exclusive gourmet specialty beers that can be enjoyed with fine food and on any conceivable occasion – surprisingly diverse and always brilliantly unique.







BraufactuM makes beer in line with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, which has traditionally been a guarantee of the highest standards.


BraufactuM stands for the high quality levels associated with the German brewing industry, which is known the world over for its perfection.


BraufactuM uses only the finest selected ingredients to ensure a natural taste free from artificial aromas.


BraufactuM offers a comprehensive and multifaceted range with refined, exclusive tastes – each beer is pleasant to drink.


BraufactuM is available in the varieties Colonia, Palor, Progusta, Roog and Darkon.